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Ukraine Zip Lines

пр. Освободителей

S.A. Pro Ziprider
Киев, пр. Освободителей, 17, офис 204
S.A. Pro Ziprider
The principle consists in the construction of two stations, one upper and one lower, which are at an angle of 5 - 40 degrees are connected by massive steel cables. Participants descend into special cradles suspended on special patented roller ZipRider, which will automatically slow down the descent.


Crimean Hawk zip-line, 2022m
Genoese Fortress, Sudak, Crimea Ukraine
Crimean Hawk zip-line, 2022m
2022 meters from the mountain Sokol (a hawk) to the avant post hill of the Genoese fortress of Sudak in Crimea, Ukraine. We named it 'Crimean Hawk' zip-line. The max speed was registered at 232 km/h. We are SkyPark.