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5/16 in X 250', 7x19, Galvanized Cable Reel
7 strands and 19 wires per strand, hot dip galvanized for corrosion protection. $80.83
Adventure Parks Zip Line FunAdventure Parks Zip Line Ride On, 35' cable, Yellow Trolley Easy grip handles, fully enclosed trolley, no metal on metal abrasion to cable. $45.99 (Prime) 90' Hawk Series Zipline Kit90' Hawk Series Zipline Kit Fewer parts to assemble --faster set up, superior grip and comfort. Steel trolley-fully pre-assembled $149.99 Fusion Climb Pro Backyard Zip Line Kit HarnessFusion Climb Pro Backyard Zip Line Kit Harness
Lanyard Trolley Bundle $161.73 & FREE Shipping
CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line KitCTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Kit
Kids and Adults - Brake Seat, Butterfly Shaped Black Trolley $180
Alien Flier X2 R100 Zip Line KitAlien Flier X2 R100 Zip Line Kit
Long Lasting Speed Control on trolley with EZUp Solo 100 ft Cable Kit. This is a completely portable kit providing a fast, smooth ride. Includes a trolley with built in speed control, disk seat, cable kit, stopping brake block, shock cord and tow rope. $199.95
Zip Line Brake System, Zip Line Stop, Zip Line Bungee Brake CordZip Line Brake System, Zip Line Stop, Zip Line Bungee Brake Cord
The Zip Line Brake System brings the zip line to a smooth stop. This provides a safer and better experience for your zip line riders. Suitable for zip line cable diameter 0.3 inch and under. The bungee cord is 15 feet in length. $$29.74
Fusion Climb Z-MaxFusion Climb Z-Max
A heavy duty trolley with stainless steel sheaves. Uses dual stainless steel sealed ball-bearing for reliability and maximum speed. The steel side plates offer durability and handle bars have soft rubber grips. There are four attachment points for backup tethers. Operate with cable size between 9-13mm. $71
100' Night Riderz Kit with Spring Brake100' Night Riderz Kit with Spring Brake
Complete zipline kit setup. 113' total cable length, comes with spring brake kit using compression 5.25 steel spring braking system. Sets up quickly. Steel trolley with hand grips, tree protection, turnbuckle, assembly rod tool, 40 LED seat, trolley and rope light! Detailed instructions - no additional tools needed. $165
Tandem Double Speed Pulley/TrolleyTandem Double Speed Pulley/Trolley
Fits rope/cable sizes less than 13mm/0.36inch. This dual climbing pulley is light weight, fast, safe and durable. Easily access for clipping carabiners, flexible enough for your preferred zipline mode. Great for back yard zipline. $32.95

People do get hurt on zip lines. If you plan to set up a zip line make sure you know what you are doing. Seek professional help from knowledgeable people in the zip line industry. Think through every possible scenario that can go wrong and take every measure possible to prevent it. Read and understand this disclaimer regarding information presented throughout this website. It is your responsibility to seek personalized instruction and ensure you understand the risks before building or riding a zip line. Here are some tips taken from a variety of sources and presented below in a condensed page for readability. However you must research applicable zip line safety independently for your project.

General Safety.

Create a safe play area. You can find general playground and play area safety tips from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: USCPSC Playground Safety, and this free 57-page pdf for creating safe play areas: Handbook for Public Playground Safety

Launching or landing platforms should have guard rails. Guard rails will help reduce the potential for someone to accidentally step off or trip and fall off the platform.

Some zip lines are located in remote areas. Areas such as these are likely to have tripping hazards which are not present in daily life. Inspect the surrounding areas to ensure tripping hazards are removed.

Personal Safety.

Children should always be supervised by an adult while playing on a zip line. Adults should receive proper instruction before operating or supervising. Do not rely on information obtained on the Internet. Instruction should be personalized by competent and knowledgeable personnel who are able to give site-specific guidance and training.

Riders should wear appropriate safety gear. Some situations may reasonably require more personal safety gear than other situations. Personal safety equipment may include helmet, harness, backup lanyards, gloves, goggles, jacket, face mask and knee pads.

Provide riders instruction on how to land at the finish platform. Give the rider an orientation with a hands-on walk-through of what will happen at the landing zone when under full speed.


Before use, inspect all equipment and gear. Everything will degrade in quality and strength with time. Zip line parts and materials are subject to the elements and high stresses and must all be inspected regularly for any damage, corrosion, splitting, cracking, stretching or abrasions.


Do not operate or participate on zip lines during inclement weather. Judgment should be used on where to "draw the line" and quit.


Take safety seriously. Seek out personalized professional help if you are at all unsure of any aspect of building or operating your zip line. Reduce the potential for zip line accidents by setting up redundancy in the system and eliminate all single points of failure locations in your suspension or anchoring systems.