Thimble for Zipline Cable

Also called wire rope thimble

The thimble is used to create a tight loop at the end of the cable allowing you to use a detachable connection to the anchor. Wrapping the cable around a tree and connecting it with U-Clamps works fine -- but if you need to take the cable down for any reason, you will need to unfasten the U-Clamps. This leaves wear and stress points on the cable each time you do this. Using a thimble gives you a way to detach the cable without removing the U-clamps. This is a better means to connect the end of the cable. Make sure to get the correct size thimble to match the cable size. Use the nominal diameter of the cable to match the thimble size. A smaller cable or larger thimble will cause unnecessary stress and wear on the zipline cable.

Wire Rope Thimble
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