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5/16 in X 250', 7x19, Galvanized Cable Reel
7 strands and 19 wires per strand, hot dip galvanized for corrosion protection. $80.83
Adventure Parks Zip Line FunAdventure Parks Zip Line Ride On, 35' cable, Yellow Trolley Easy grip handles, fully enclosed trolley, no metal on metal abrasion to cable. $45.99 (Prime) 90' Hawk Series Zipline Kit90' Hawk Series Zipline Kit Fewer parts to assemble --faster set up, superior grip and comfort. Steel trolley-fully pre-assembled $149.99 Fusion Climb Pro Backyard Zip Line Kit HarnessFusion Climb Pro Backyard Zip Line Kit Harness
Lanyard Trolley Bundle $161.73 & FREE Shipping
CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line KitCTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Kit
Kids and Adults - Brake Seat, Butterfly Shaped Black Trolley $180

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Warning: Zip lines are inherently dangerous and riding zip lines carries with it a significant risk of personal injury or death. The owner of this website does not recommend that anyone participate in any activity described or referenced within this website unless they first obtain qualified professional, personal instruction, AND are knowledgeable about the risks involved, AND are willing to personally assume all responsibility associated with those risks.

Purpose: The primary purpose of this website is entertainment for the reader. Listing zip line company information is free to owners, and the reader's access to the information is free. The primary purpose of this site is not for the benefit of a zip line company, or for free advertisement to the same. Additionally the purpose of this website is not intended to provide instruction to the reader in any aspect of the zip line or ropes industry.

Information: The information presented within this website has been compiled from numerous sources in good faith and presented for the reader's entertainment. The owner of ziplinerider.com endeavors to keep the zip line listing as up-to-date as possible. The zip line listing, or other pages within this site may not be complete, and/or may contain errors. Errors will be corrected promptly when identified. The author of this web site accepts no liability for inaccurate information on a zip line listing. The owner of this website retains the right to edit a zip line business location listing and description whether submitted by readers or the zip line business owner. A zip line business owner may choose not to be listed, or the owner of ziplinerider.com may choose not to list a zip line business or zip line location. Listing on the ziplinerider.com zip line listing does not imply endorsement. Likewise, not listing a business on ziplinerider.com does not imply any negative connotation. If building a home zip line, the reader must first obtain professional and personalized instruction. Information found in this website is not intended as guidance, instruction, or recommendation. As stated in the Purpose above, the purpose of this website is for the reader's entertainment. The author of this web site accepts no liability for actions taken by any individual directly or indirectly based upon information presented within or linked from this web site. It is the reader's unique personal responsibility to seek and obtain in-person guidance prior to engaging in high-risk behavior such as operating, building or riding a zip line. Instruction for operating a home or personal zip line should be provided by competent and knowledgeable professionals who are able to come to your site and provide you in-person, site-specific instruction. No website is a substitute for personal instruction.

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Accuracy: Be advised, the information presented herein is largely reader/user submitted, and therefore may be either inaccurate or incomplete. Every effort has been made to provide accurate information within this website. However, you the reader, are fully responsible to independently verify both the accuracy and application of this information. This includes obtaining relevant reference material or industry expert advice or independently verifying the information contained within this website. The reader should verify a zip line listing, location, and/or descriptive information with the operating zip line business if accuracy is required. If participating with a commercial zip line company the reader should personally verify the reputation of the business. The owner of this site welcomes your comments on all subjects presented within this site and will consider your input and make corrections if necessary after verification. However, modifying the content of this website does not constitute consent that an error occurred, or that liability is assumed or incurred. This website is under constant revision and update.

Building. No information provided by ziplinerider.com should be considered professional building instruction or advice. The reader should seek competent building advice from experienced contractors who can personally visit your site and provide one-on-one guidance. The owner of ziplinerider.com is not responsible for anything that may go wrong with your zip line. You are warned: Zip lines are inherently dangerous and riding zip lines carries with it a significant risk of personal injury or death.

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