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Popular equipment used with zip lines is available through many sources. The equipment needed is determined based on the specific project.

Zip Line Kits Ready to install kits provide an all-in-one approach to a zip line equipment package.
Galvanized Metal Aircraft Cable 1/4 in. diameter/ 100 ft. rollGalvanized Metal
Aircraft Cable
Many diameter and length selections for galanized aircraft cable. Available in rolls or selected lengths.
Winch Cable Puller, 3/16 inWinch Cable Puller Tighten your cable with a cable puller winch. Easy to adjust your wire rope tension.
Zip Line Trolley The trolley is a special type of pulley with two tandem rollers.
Climbing Harness The harness or full body harness connects the rider to a zip line.
Belay Glove A glove designed to withstand friction like the climber's belay glove helps you control zip line speed using friction on the cable.
Wire Rope/Cable ThimbleCable Thimble Allows the cable to loop back without kinking. Wide selection of sizes.
Locking Carabiner Locking carabiners can be found in outdoor sporting stores with climbing gear.
Climbing Gear Good source of climbing gear easily adaptable to zip line applications.
Cable/Wire Rope U-Bolt ClipsU-Bolt Clamps The U-bolt is used for making eye termination assemblies. Drop-forged base with heavy hex nuts. Not for use with plastic-coated wire rope. Many size options for fitting to differing diameter wire ropes and cables.
Webbing &
These are used in conjunction with quickdraws and locking carabiners to complement your equipment fastening and tie-down.
Climbing Ropes These specially designed ropes can be used to augment the safety of your cable setup, or used in conjunction with the zipline brake system.
Belay Devices Belay devices help you control the speed and lock lanyards, ropes and arresting ropes.
Protective Helmet A helmet specially designed for mountaineering and climbing offers protection for zip line riders at the landing platform and throughout the ride.
Zip Line
Brake Block
Used to brake the zip line rider at the end...attach to a pulley or block on the cable near the landing. Fix the other end of the bungee to a lateral tree or branch. When the zip line trolley hits the brake, the bungee begins to stretch and slows the rider.