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5/16 in X 250', 7x19, Galvanized Cable Reel
7 strands and 19 wires per strand, hot dip galvanized for corrosion protection. $80.83
Adventure Parks Zip Line FunAdventure Parks Zip Line Ride On, 35' cable, Yellow Trolley Easy grip handles, fully enclosed trolley, no metal on metal abrasion to cable. $45.99 (Prime) 90' Hawk Series Zipline Kit90' Hawk Series Zipline Kit Fewer parts to assemble --faster set up, superior grip and comfort. Steel trolley-fully pre-assembled $149.99 Fusion Climb Pro Backyard Zip Line Kit HarnessFusion Climb Pro Backyard Zip Line Kit Harness
Lanyard Trolley Bundle $161.73 & FREE Shipping
CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line KitCTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Kit
Kids and Adults - Brake Seat, Butterfly Shaped Black Trolley $180

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Barrio Miraflores

Vía Calacali - La Independencia, Barrio Miraflores, Kilómetro 63, Nanegalito, Ecuador
095311625 / 084798986
6 zip lines totaling 7,053 ft. Tucanopy is a system of cables that run trough the tree tops (canopy), this activity offers our visitors, both adventurous and scientists, the chance to meet up close with the biodiversity of Andean Cloud Forests from a different perspective. Tucanopy is built under strict international safety regulations. All of our pulleys are built in hardened stainless steel, we operate with professional/international recognize harnesses, and our cables support up to 11 000 pounds (5 000 kg). The idea of creating Tucanopy is focus towards the developing of an economic alternative friendlier with nature, for this reason, while you 'fly' through the cloud forest you are also supporting its conservation. Fully bilingual guides with extensive knowledge in natural history and ecology of cloud forests.


Mindo Canopy Adventures
Km 2.5 via a las Cascadas, Mindo, Ecuador
09453 06 24 / 08542 87 58
Mindo Canopy Adventures
There are 13 different zip lines on the tour that will take you on a journey of 3,500 meters throughout the Canopy. There are a series of zip lines connected by short walking trails. We have 13 cables of different lengths that range from 20m to 400m. These cables have different characteristics that allow tourist of all ages to enjoy different sensations and emotions throughout the canopy. The equipment we use is of the highest quality and is recognized around the world. Our guides are fully trained which allows us to offer you security, safety, and pure adrenaline during your canopy tour.

Mindo Ziplines Tour CIA.
Km 2.5 Ruta San Lorenzo, Mindo, Ecuador
(593) 221-70131
Mindo Ziplines Tour CIA.
Ziplines with double cable system and safety line . Built using highest technical standards for adventure sports and approved by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism . Technical support, construction and certification by INGECABLES S.A. !00% trained guides , Highest quality equipment by PETZL. Mindo Ziplines Tour CIA uses zipline brake system specifically built and designed using US safety Standards and Trac Plus zipline pulleys designed by PETZL.

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