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Zip Line Equipment
Supplies you'll need to set up your own zip line.

Zip Line Trolley
Three popular double wheel zip line trolleys.

Zip Line Construction
Make the customized parts for your zipline project.

Zip Line Safety
Covers aspects of safety, maintenance and inspection for home ziplines.

Zipline Industry
Zip line and challenge course industry leaders.

Backyard Zip Line
You can buy a ready-made version or make your own.

Longest Zip Lines
See the longest ziplines in the world and where they are located.

Zip LinesZip Lines in exotic locations, and covers the necessary preparations and equipment for zip lining.

Technical Rescuer: Ropes and RiggingZip Line Construction Guide. One of the few dedicated zip line construction books available. Excellent information, and a must have for anyone building a zip line without using a kit. Invaluable for both the backyard zip line builder and professionals. The book is black and white. PDF version is in full color and may be requested.

Highest Zip Lines

The Heavenly Zip Line in Tahoe has a vertical drop of 160 meters/ 525 feet and, the Adrenaline X-treme in Italy has a vertical drop of a 400 meters/1,112 feet. See longest zip lines.

85 meters/ 280 feet. Monteverde, Costa Rica zip line also has a cable length of 1,200 feet.

160 meters/ 524 feet high in some places and 2,526 feet at the longest line. This is the Sky Adventures Sky Trek zip line at the Arenal Volcano.

1 mile drop! 1/4 of a mile across. This is the highest zip line in the world. It uses two separate cables and trolleys. Located in Columbia.

338 meters/ 1,109 feet. The Ziptrek Ecotours zip line begins the run from a tree platform approximately 170 feet high.


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