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North AmericaZip Lines in North America: Commercial North American zip lines are most typically located in high ropes courses. There are also many dedicated zip line courses and many of them rival the central American canopy tours as a thrill ride.

Zip Line Locations in Canada

Zip Line Locations in United States

Australia and New ZealandZip Lines in Australia and New Zealand: The Australian and New Zealand zip line locations are part of canopy and high ropes courses.

AfricaZip Lines in Africa:

CaribbeanZip Lines in Caribbean: Zip line courses in the Caribbean islands are tourist destinations and cruise ship shore excursions. These zip lines are located in beautiful island settings.

South AmericaZip Lines in Central/South America: Zip line courses located in Mexico and lower latitudes are typically known as canopy tours. They feature zip lines located in the treetops of lush forest, jungle, or rain forest canopies, and over remote and beautiful terrain. Many Latin American zip lines are associated with vacation packages such as cruise ships or vacation resorts.

EuropeZip Lines in Europe: Zip lines in Europe are usually called zip wires. Zip wires are typically located as part of an adventure course or ropes course attraction.

AsiaZip Lines in Asia:


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