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Nami Skyline ZipWire
Chuncheon, Nami Island South Korea
Nami Skyline ZipWire
3,083 ft. long, 7.47% grade, 35 mph. This ZipRider launches from a 263 ft tower and travels across water to Nami Island, where riders take a ferry back to the mainland. To find this zip line, go to the river-front and look for the ZipWire tower.


Jeong Seon Zip Wire
Jeongseon (Yonhap) Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do, Jeong Seon, South Korea
Jeong Seon Zip Wire
3,900 ft. long, 35% grade, 60 mph. Uses four cables side by side. Located a few kilometers outside of Jeong Seon. After you finish the zip line you can walk out onto the dock to watch as other riders come in.


Zipline Mungyeong
Buljung Forest Park, Mungyeong, North Kyongsang Province 745-140 South Korea
Zipline Mungyeong
Experience thrilling, dynamic zip line to be able to enjoy at an altitude of 487m in the beautiful nature of Mungyeong. There are 9 dynamic zip line courses that are designed to give you beautiful views and excitement as you soar over dizzy ridges and valleys. Gain self confidence and satisfaction as you experience the dynamic thrill & enjoyment of the Zipline Mungyeong.

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