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Rushmore Tramway Aerial Adventure Park
203 Cemetery Road, Keystone, South Dakota 57751
(605) 666-4478
Rushmore Tramway Aerial Adventure Park
This challenge course offers eight different courses. Sprawling over two acres, incorporating upwards of 100 different platforms, and 11 ziplines, it’sthe ultimate adventure. Starting with the yellow course being the easiest to black being the most difficult, we’ve ensured there’s something for all skill levels in your family or group.
800 ft. Bucket Lister - If you haven’t ever done a zipline before you are missing out! Rushmore Tramway Adventures has two side-by-side, 800 foot ziplines that allow friends and family to race to the bottom. There’s nothing more thrilling than zipping through the Black Hills at speeds of almost 40 miles per hour!
Pinnacle Zip Tour - This is a two-hour journey of nature and ziplines and contains the only ziplines in the world with views of Mt. Rushmore. The lines span between 400’ to 1500’ over the Black Hills National Forest. Experience 5 side-by-side dueling ziplines reaching heights 300 feet in the air!

Soaring Eagle Zipline
Rushmore Cave 13622 Highway 40, Keystone, South Dakota 57751-6604
(605) 255-4384
Soaring Eagle Zipline
This is an incredible family-friendly attraction. Experience the sensation of flying, while accelerating 700 feet down the mountainside on a suspended cable. You can even share the fun with a friend on the comfortable side-by-side seats. The excitement doesnÂ’t end at the bottom though, because this unique ride then pulls you back up the hill. Sit in a formed seat with a seat belt. This feature allows riders of all ages to share in the excitement!

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