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West Virginia Zip Lines


  1. North Fork Valley Canopy Tour
    141 Nelson Gap Road
    Circleville, West Virginia 26804
    (877) 435-4842
    North Fork Valley Canopy Tour
    > The zip line course consists of 13 zip lines, 3 sky bridges and a 40 foot rappel. The entire course includes a mile of zip lines ranging from 150 680 feet in length, heights up to 80' above the forest floor.


  1. Passages to Adventure
    Post Office Box 71
    Fayetteville, West Virginia 25840
    (800) 634-3785
    Passages to Adventure
    > The zip line on the ropes course is one of the most popular elements. The zip line is 300' long. This is part of an adventure course with other exciting elements such as climbing, kayaking and caving.

Glen Jean

  1. Summit Bechtel Reserve 'Big Zip'
    2550 Jack Furst Dr
    Glen Jean, West Virginia 25846
    Summit Bechtel Reserve 'Big Zip'
    > 3/4 mile 5 lane zip line. Has 5 parallel zip lines for a combined distance of 3,000 feet reaching speeds of up to 50mph.

Harpers Ferry

  1. Harpers Ferry Canopy Tour
    408 Alstadts Hill Rd.
    Harpers Ferry, West Virginia 25425
    (800) 326-7238
    Harpers Ferry Canopy Tour
    > Zip through the trees with the amazing scenery of Harpers Ferry. Only one hour from Washington, DC experience the history, beauty and excitement of the Harpers Ferry Canopy Tour. The 2 1/2 zip line experience features 16 elements - 8 ziplines, 2 hanging bridges, 5 ladder climbs and a rappel from the final tower.


  1. TreeTops Canopy Tour; Gravity-New River Gorge Zip Line
    1 Ames Heights Rd.
    Lansing, WV 25862
    (877) 811-5321
    TreeTops Canopy Tour; Gravity-New River Gorge Zip Line
    > TreeTops Canopy Tour is one of the longest on the East Coast. 10 zips and 5 sky bridges criss-cross Mill Creek in beautiful old-growth forest. If you've tried TreeTops Canopy Tour, then the next step up is Gravity Ziplines. 6 zips ranging in length from 450' to 3100' zig-zag from ridge to ridge across a reclaimed strip mine. You hit heights up to 200' and speeds up to 65mph!

    You can also choose the Timbertrek course, which includes several zip lines. It's best described as a self-guided ropes course on steroids, part circus school and part canopy tour, TimberTrek will take your breath away... from excitement... from exhaustion... from awe...


  1. ACE Adventure Resort Canopy Tour
    1 Concho Rd
    Minden, West Virginia 25879
    ACE Adventure Resort Canopy Tour
    > World-record breaking Canopy Tour consisting of 9 zip lines and 2 sky bridges


  1. Adventure WV Canopy Tour
    Adventure WV 2001 Rec Center Dr
    Morgantown, WV 26506
    Adventure WV Canopy Tour
    > Owned by West Virginia University, this canopy tour has 4 lines (200,330,660,800 feet), a bridge, and rappel.
Grand Vue Park Zip Line Video


  1. Grand Vue Park Zip Line
    250 Trail Drive
    Moundsville, West Virginia 26041
    Grand Vue Park
    > The 3+ hour Grand Vue Park Caonpy Tour consists of 7 dual zip lines ranging in distance from 340 to 1500 feet through the trees. Also included are four suspension bridges and the Grand Vue park Canopy Ride, 2100 foot dual zip line.

Oak Hill

  1. Ace Adventure Resort Canopy Tour
    Oak Hill, West Virginia
    (800) 787-3982
    Ace Adventure Resort Canopy Tour
    > Canopy tour consisting of 7 zip lines


  1. Burning Rock Express
    171 Burning Rock Drive
    Sophia, WV 25921
    Burning Rock Express
    > The Express is a dual-racing zipline. Which means you can race your friends, side by side, and watch their faces as they fly just feet away from you. Night Zipping and Birthday Party packages available. 2,500 feet long (a half mile!) 300 foot descent (that’s a 30 story building!) Speeds of 60 MPH (that’s really fast without a car around you!) Zippers must weigh between 70 and 250 Lbs (that’s the rule!) The Burning Rock Express Zipline is a one-of-a- kind experience. If you’re on a West Virginia Vacation, don’t miss it. Be sure to wear closed-toe, heeled shoes and comfortable clothing.


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