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Turkey Zip Lines


  1. Zoom Ziplines TURKEY
    Rixos Sungate Otel Zipline Beldibi
    Antalya, Kemer 07980 Turkey
    Zoom Ziplines TURKEY
    > Uçmak varken neden yürüyorsunuz. Yazın sıcağında kanyonun serin sularında yüzmek ve göynük kanyonun eşsiz manzarası eşliğinde uçma keyfine sahip olmak için turlarımıza rezervasyon yaptırmanız yeterlidir.


  1. Zoom Ziplines Göynük Canyon
    Göynük Canyon
    Kemer, Turkey
    +90 242 815 2527
    Zoom Ziplines Göynük Canyon
    > 3 zip lines, 60m suspension bridge, with the course length being from 2 - 2.5 hours. This zip line is in the Göynük National Park. Here you will get a feel for the unique region while hiking and zipping through natural forests.
  2. Zoom Ziplines at Rixos Sungate
    Rixos Sungate Hotel
    Kemer, Antalya Turkey
    +90 242 815 2527
    Zoom Ziplines at Rixos Sungate
    > Zoom Ziplines lets adventurers to soar high above the exclusive Rixos Sungate Hotel, with unrivaled views of the Mediterranean. Our 340m Mega Zoom allows riders to Zoom race to the bottom with our dual- line system. For our mini Zoomers, our 100m Junior Zoom provides the perfect introduction to ziplining as they fly above the Rixos waterpark! Zoom Ziplines also offers a 10m climbing wall for all ages!


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