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Peru Zip Lines


  1. Colca Zip Line
    La Calera s/n
    Chivay, Arequipa Peru
    054 958989931
    Colca Zip Line
    > This zip-line course features four rides for a total of over 4000 feet. The first two rides are an introduction to ziplining, especially braking, and the third line is an extremely fast and high line where speeds near 100 kph can be reached. By the fourth ride, you can do stunts such as spinning and turning upside down, which we call 'a Spiderman'. Drag chutes and a final braking system are used to control speed.


  1. Eye of the Jaguar
    Portal Confituria 285-A, Plaza de Armas
    Cusco, Peru
    Eye of the Jaguar
    > Eye of the Jaguar is the longest zip line in the world. It uses a single unbroken span of over 2,130 meters, which is 6990 feet or 1.3 miles. Located 45 minutes north of Cusco.
  2. Natura Vive - Sacred Valley Zip Line
    Valle Sagrado, Cuzco, a 10 minutos de Ollantaytambo, Cusco
    Cusco, Peru
    (51) 084-799158
    Natura Vive - Sacred Valley Zip Line
    > 2000 mt long, divided in 6 lines from 150 mt up to 500 mt long. In the middle of Incas sacred valley, 50 minutes away from Cusco. Beautiful views, safe and fun. It is one of the first world-class zip lines in South America.


  1. Aeromoto
    Avenida Grau 636
    Mancora, Peru
    (073) 258574
    > This zip line course in northern Peru features the longest zip line in Peru and the only one in northern Peru. It is located in beautiful mountainous desert scenery and features an extremely long 860 meter zip line plus several more zip lines. Mancora is a well-known beach town, and a popular location for sun-loving tourists, so this is an excellent activity for this area.

Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve

  1. Amazonia Expeditions
    Operates in the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve
    Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve, Peru
    (800) 262-9669
    Amazonia Expeditions
    > Zip line canopy adventure in the Amazon. Ride through the Amazon 100 feet above the ground. It is a tandem zip line of stainless steel aircraft cables. The speed of one's flight can be controlled by the user to soar rapidly, slow down, or stop to take pictures.


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