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Norway Zip Lines


Kollensvevet AS
Holmenkollveien 140 0791, Oslo, Norway
+47 22083000
Kollensvevet AS
Through this zipline you will experience the ski jump used in the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 2011. By taking off just like the ski jumpers you set the tone for a 360 meter long thrillride with a birds eye view of Norways capitol Oslo and the surrounding woods and fjord. The altitude difference from start til end is approximately 100 meter, which can result in speeds above 80 km/h.


Høyt & Lavt Vestfold zip-line
Lågendalsveien 3388, Steinsholt, 3277 Norway
+4733 15 55 00
Høyt & Lavt Vestfold zip-line
High rope courses in many variations. The biggest high ropes course park in Scandinavia. 200 games, Over 20 zip lines. The longest one, almost 400 m, Power Fan (Himmelfallet) 30m.


Bungee and Zip Line
Trolljuv Adrenalinpark, Trolljuv, Etne 5590 Norway
Bungee and Zip Line
Two zip lines, one of which is the highest in Europe (105 meters), opens June 15. 2012 at the Trolljuv Gorge. The pulley is positioned on a wire rope suspended over the gorge. It reaches speeds of 40 km/hour. The landing is on an outward facing mountain ledge above the Åkrafjorden.


Namsskogan Familiepark, Trones, 7892 Norway
74 33 37 00
300 meter long, starts from a 30 meters tower and goes across a lake.