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Nebraska Zip Lines


  1. Gene Eppley Camp and Retreat Center
    915 Allied Road
    Bellevue, Nebraska 68123
    (402) 291-1912
    Gene Eppley Camp and Retreat Center
    > Zip line at camp.


  1. University of Nebraska 4-H Camps
    P.O. Box 87
    Halsey, Nebraska 69142
    (308) 533-2224
    University of Nebraska 4-H Camps
    > 400 ft zip line.

(near) Omaha

  1. Screaming Eagle
    Honey Creek, Iowa
    (near) Omaha, Nebraska
    Screaming Eagle
    > Located on the Border of Iowa and Nebraska. The Mt. Crescent Ski Area Screaming Eagle Zipline, is the longest zipline in Iowa & Nebraska.


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