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Iowa Zip Lines


  1. Gee Willie Entertainment
    PO Box 881
    Ames, Iowa 50010
    (515) 233-5699
    Gee Willie Entertainment
    > Mobile zip line rentals for your event. Thrill seekers will be lining up to ride the 220 ft mobile zip line. It is adjustable in length to allow for fitting into various space constraints. Serve up to 100 participants an hour. The Banzai zipline can be used at any major event such as county fairs, schools, festivals, entertainment centers, church events, water parks, music festivals, grand openings and more.


  1. Sky Tours at YMCA Union Park Camp
    11764 John F. Kennedy Road
    Dubuque, Iowa 52001
    (563) 484-4248
    Sky Tours at YMCA Union Park Camp
    > A 9 zip line course built over the ruins of historic Union Park. Lines range from 300' up to 1,000'. The final line is a dual 800' line built for side-by-side zipping. Four modest hikes are included in the course, built on existing game trails. A heavily forested environment, on the north edge of Dubuque.

Iowa City

  1. University of Iowa
    E216 Field House
    Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1111
    (319) 335-9293
    University of Iowa
    > The High Adventure Challenge Course has a variety of low rope and high rope elements that are used for groups who wish to improve their cooperation, decision-making, and teamwork skills. The High Adventure Challenge Course is located on the Ashton Cross-Country Course.

Honey Creek

  1. Screaming Eagle
    17026 snowhill lane
    Honey Creek, Iowa 51542
    Screaming Eagle
    > Located on the Border of Iowa and Nebraska. The Mt. Crescent Ski Area Screaming Eagle Zipline, is the Longest in Iowa & Nebraska, and one of the Longest in the Entire USA. Experience an intense 1,600 foot over 5 football fields long. Dual side by side Racing Zips reaching speeds of over 40mph!


  1. Langwood Challenge Course
    12635 County Rd G56
    Wapello, Iowa 52653
    (319) 523-8381
    Langwood Challenge Course
    > Challenge course with high ropes activities and 2 zip lines.


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