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Honduras Zip Lines


  1. Canopy La Pita
    La Pita
    Catacamas, Olancho Honduras
    > Canopy Tours La Pita consist of 5 zip lines used single sistem. The tour is 45 minutes, from 60 to 30 feet tall and is 35 mph.

Copan Ruinas

  1. Honduras Canopy Tour
    Hacienda San Lucas
    Copan Ruinas, Copan Ruinas Honduras
    (504) 32949888

El Paraíso

  1. Rawakala Tours
    El Paraíso, Omoa Honduras
    (504) 25567498
    Rawakala Tours
    > It's an exciting ride and there are other attractions at the tour. It's good for family and friends

Joya Grande

  1. Joya Grande Canopy
    Santa Cruz de Yojoa
    Joya Grande, Honduras
    (504) 26029595 / (504) 26029898

La Ceiba

  1. Honduras Canopy Tour
    Sambo Creek
    La Ceiba, Honduras
    (504) 33491075
  2. Jungle River Canopy Tour
    El Bejuco (Cangrejal river)
    La Ceiba, Honduras
    (504) 2440-1298 / (504) 24080059
    Jungle River Canopy Tour
  3. Sambo Creek Canopy Tours
    Highway towards Trujillo
    La Ceiba, Atlantida Honduras
    > $45 18 cables includes hot springs , mud bath , fruit platers , great place for beach and mountain hikes too. Free transfers.

Peña Blanca

  1. Canopy Pulhapanzak
    Pulhapanzak waterfall, Peña Blanca near Lake Yojoa
    Peña Blanca, Honduras
    (504) 99951010
    Canopy Pulhapanzak


  1. Canopy Tour of Gumbalimba Park
    Gumbalimba Park, West Bay
    Roatan, Bay Islands Honduras
    (504) 24451033
    Canopy Tour of Gumbalimba Park
    > Zip line from tree to tree high above the lush jungle floor. Ten exciting traverses will take you all the way from the top of Roatan's mountainous backbone to the middle of the beautiful sandy beach of Gumbalimba Park, West Bay
  2. Caribe Sky Canopy Tour
    French Harbour
    Roatan, Bay Islands Honduras Honduras
    (504) 9461-9668 or 305 771 9780
    Caribe Sky Canopy Tour
    > READY FOR AN ADVENTURE YOU’LL NEVER FORGET? Ride cables 2000 ft long and over 300 ft tall! 18 platforms. We also have short and fast cables! Extreme zip line in Roatan.
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean Canopy
    Roatan, Bay Islands Honduras
    (504) 24557576 / (504) 24556898
    Pirates of the Caribbean Canopy
    > Canopy and zip line tours.
  4. South Shore Canopy Tours
    West Bay Road
    Roatan, Bay Islands Honduras
    (504) 967-1381
    South Shore Canopy Tours
    > There are 13 zip line cables not including the emergency cables. There are 16 platforms at different levels of the tour. The maximum length of the cables is 860ft. with a minimum of 40ft. South Shore Canopy.

Valle de Angeles (30 km from Tegucigalpa)

  1. Canopy Valle del Angel
    Las Martitas,
    Valle de Angeles (30 km from Tegucigalpa), Tegucigalpa Honduras
    (504) 27663939, 96077282, 96077378
    Canopy Valle del Angel
    > The Canopy tour consists of 12 zip lines using double cable system. The tour is 1 hour and 20 minutes, from 50 meters to 80 meters in height, and speeds of 80 km / h or more.


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