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Belize Zip Lines


  1. Jaguar Paw Jungle Resort
    Off mile 37, Western Highway, Cave Branch River
    Belize, Belmopan Belize
    1-877-624-3770 or 011-501-820-2023
    Jaguar Paw Jungle Resort
    > Canopy tour with 7 zip lines.

Belize City

  1. Belize Zip Line and Cave Tubing
    Belize City, Belize District Belize
    Belize Zip Line and Cave Tubing
    > Our Belize Zip Line Canopy Tour combined with cave tubing is designed to last approximately 5.5 hour. It includes a 50 minutes drive from Belize City Cruise Port to the zip line canopy site in the heart of Belize's rain forest. As we drive to the site where the zip line canopy tour canopy tour is done we will be narrating the history of Belize. Upon our arrival at the zip line canopy site we will have a short restroom break. After the break you will be assisted with your gears for the zip line canopy tour. You will be zipping though the canopy of Belize's rain forest for approximate an hour. After the zip line canopy tour, you will issued with a headlamp, life vest, and an inner tube for the cave tubing part of the tour. As we hike through the jungle to start our cave tubing tour, we will be doing presentations on Medicinal Plants, Belize Cave Systems, and Use of The Cave to The Mayan People. The tubing part of the tour last approximately an hour and a half.


  1. Zip Line Belize
    27 Camino Del Rio
    Belmopac, Cayo District Belize
    Zip Line Belize
    > Guide to Belize zip line and Belize zip line canopy tours. Our zip line is one of the safest in Belize and is family friendly.


  1. El Progresso
    Calico Jack's Village
    Cayo, Belize
    US Phone: (301) 792-2233
    El Progresso
    > 2000 foot + zip line system through the jungle. 4 zip line tours, with each returning to the main platform on a 500 ft run and via our jungle lift platform.

El Progresso

  1. Calico Jack's
    CJ Road
    El Progresso, Cayo Belize
    Calico Jack's
    > Calico Jack's offers 4 zip line tours and about 3,000 feet of zip lining fun. Our longest tour combines rappelling and a cable walk with zip lining and an option of a superman type return on our longest line. We also offer Belize's only jungle swing--El Columpio--for an alternative and thrilling view of the jungle. Relax poolside and enjoy wonderful food and beverages after your tour.

Nohoch Che'en

  1. Caves Branch Outpost
    Off Mile 37 Western Highway at the Nohoch Che'en Archaeological Park
    Nohoch Che'en, Belize
    671-8823 or 671-2283 or 671-0748
    Caves Branch Outpost
    > 37 miles up the Western Highway brings you to the Nohoch Chen Archaeological Park, your headquarters for the day. The Ziprider Adventure is a zip-line tour through the rainforests of Belize. The zip-line tour features an intricate harness system of pulleys on horizontal traverse cables which lets you glide 100 – 750 feet between platforms up to 120 feet high in the trees at canopy level. After being fitted into the safety harness, the next 30 – 40 minutes are spent zipping through a series of 7 zipline runs from 10 jungle platforms – a truly unforgettable experience! A tasty buffet is served at the end of the tour.

Stann Creek District

  1. Bocawina Adventures Zipline
    Mayflower Bocawina National Park
    Stann Creek District, Belize
    928-300-1969 (from the United States & Canada) 001-501-670-8019 (from Belize in Country)
    Bocawina Adventures Zipline
    > Soar with the birds through the pristine canopy on the Longest Zip Line course in Belize and Central America approximately 2.5 miles. We have 12 platforms through the pristine jungle in the Mayflower Bocawina National Forest. The longest being run is over 2,300 feet. Soar with the birds in this magnificent rain forest. We offer day or night zip lining. Hear the noises of the night as you zip through the jungle with our experienced guides. And it's even more spectacular during a full moon!


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