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Backyard Zip Line

Many people have set up a backyard zip line. It's not difficult to do in short distances such as a backyard and kids really love it. Ziplines for backyard space can be created with relatively low height. Some platforms are the swing set, tree house, or playground equipment.

Zip line kits offer an easy way to put up a zip line in your backyard at a reasonable price. Short, ready-to-install zip lines are perfect for the backyard or a nearby field, even a playground. They range from about 35 feet in length to 90 feet, and can be installed from tree to tree without the need for a lot of drop in elevation. The sag in the cable provides a nice drop down to the low point, slowing or stopping just short of the end. To make the zip line run a little faster tighten the cable and add just a little drop in elevation. It isn't necessary to install short zip lines on a hill. Flat backyard spaces work quite well. You can achieve a couple foot drop in elevation from start to finish simply by anchoring the end a little lower on the tree.

Many people have installed backyard zip lines. Send a video link and feature your backyard zip line project. Below are some examples:

Backyard zip line with a cargo net climb to the seat. Built with directions found online.
250' zip line in a backyard using a Petzl trolley and showing a good example of using the brake block.
Zip line is about 200 feet long running the length of the backyard ending with a bungee brake.
Homemade zipline in a backyard mounted on a pole with a tension cable anchored to the ground.
Homemade zip line set-up to run down the back of a hill. The cable is stretched between two large trees.
This is the longest backyard zipline I know of...It is at least 600 feet long and 45 feet high.


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